Tuesday 28 September 2010

The Top Eight Tai Chi Robots

Watch how I punch. Yes I can punch. Stand in my way - I'll punch you.

Punching is for loosers. I can kick. Kick you I will, and then open up my third eye and annihilate you with my chi flash.

Watch how I string a whole sequence of moves together. I am a Tai Chi Master (on ice). [click here for wmv video]

I am a samuari - in simple moves we reveal the essence of the spirit. I shealth my sword in Zen.

Zen is not for Robots. Marvel as I waved my arms around randomly.

I am QRIO. I am more accomplished than you, see how graceful I am.

Graceful yes, but there's one of you and five of us.

The dream....

The nightmare...

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