Wednesday 8 February 2012

The science behind massage

Wow, it doesn't get much more scientific than this! Here is an article published in Science Translational Medicine, into how massage works. Interestingly, it seems to work against what is commonly claimed. People should take what this study says very seriously as this represents cutting edge work that is thoroughly proven and scientific. Along with Nature, the Science journals represent the pinical of peer reviewed scientific publications. There simply isn't a more authoritative or scientific accolade that can be given to a paper other than being published in Science or Nature.

The good news is that massage works as a healling therapy - this research explains why. Some quotes from the news article (rather than the paper itself):
"Massage's healing touch may have more to do with DNA than with good hands. A new study has revealed for the first time how kneading eases sore muscles—by turning off genes associated with inflammation and turning on genes that help muscles heal. The discovery contradicts popular claims that massage squeezes lactic acid or waste products out of tired muscles and could bring new medical credibility to the practice.
The results, published online today in Science Translational Medicine, suggest that massage suppresses the inflammation that follows exercise while promoting faster healing. "Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too," Tarnopolsky says. He adds that the study found no evidence to support often-repeated claims that massage removes lactic acid, a byproduct of exertion long blamed for muscle soreness, or waste products from tired muscles. "

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