Tuesday 29 May 2012

The sci-fi mandarin collar connection

I have one foot firmly in the martial arts camp and the other firmly in the science fiction geek camp. No doubt therefore that I should be wearing a mandarin collar. It has always been staggering to me that science fiction seems to have accepted that all uniforms of the future will be mandarin collar based. Does this mean that Chinese martial arts culture has come to symbolise power and authority? :-)

So let's take a look at the neck line of some classic kung-fu heroes, so we're all clear what a mandarin collar is...

Once Upon a Time in China

House of the Flying Daggers

Ip Man

Now let's have a look at some sci-fi heroes...

Star Trek
The Matrix
Battlestar Galactica


Red Dwarf

Pretty compelling I think you'll agree. We can even see it in the most legendary sci-fi character of all. Perhaps he just has his western collar turned up, but if he does, it's a very small collar, so borderline Mandarin...

You don't know this one?! Get off my blog.

And of course it is not just limited to science fiction. Some of our favourite fantasy characters are Mandarin collar based...

Lord of the Rings

Game of Thrones

Anyone know any more? :-)

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