Friday 11 May 2012

Three new tai chi movies for 2012

In movie terms, this year seems to be looking quite exciting for tai chi with three new movies on the horizon. Movies that also includes some big Hollywood names. So first of all we have:

Tai Chi 0

How much tai chi there is in this I'm not sure, but perhaps they just removed all those slow scenes from the high-energy trailer? Certainly has a bit of a steampunk feel (who knows, maybe there will be a tai chi steampunk robot - well I can hope). Looks set to be the first of a trilogy and is the nearest to hitting the screens of the three.

Jet Li's Tai Chi

It seems that this movie, will follow the adventures of Yang Luchan, may become a trilogy with the first one hopefully out this year. Jet Li himself is expected to play Yang in the second film, with a different (as yet unnamed) actor playing the younger Yang in the first, and another actor filling the role for the third film. But that's all just rumour at this stage and Jet Li certainly wants to promote tai chi, so wouldn't be surprised if he was heavily involved.

Man of Tai Chi

Finally we have Keanu Reeves making his directorial debut (and also starring in) this film which has just got underway shooting in China. Set in contemporary Beijing, Man of Tai Chi follows Tiger Chen, who was part of the kung fu team in The Matrix. In Man of Tai Chi, Chen stars as a young martial artist whose fighting skills brings him to a realm of vast opportunities, and painful choices. Keanu is another of the big celebrity names who has spoken out about his love for tai chi.

Looks to be an exciting 2012 - I can't wait!

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